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Revathi Nakshatra Born Should Do These Things For Money – Desire Fulfillment

For peace, money, prosperity and desire fulfillment like marriage etc, Revathi nakshatra born people should visit temples and perform worship and puja monthly when there is Revathi, Ayilyam (Aslesha) and Thriketta (Ketta or Jyeshta) nakshatras in a month.

Prayers should also be offered to Navagraha Budha – the lord of the nakshatra - and Guru or Vyazham or Brihaspati – the lord of Rashi.

When Revathi nakshatra falls on Wednesday, the nakshatra born person should observe fast on the day and chant prayers dedicated to Vishnu like ‘om namo narayanaya namah.’ Reading Srimad Bhagavad Purana and chanting Vishnu Sahasranama is highly beneficial. It is also beneficial if you to feed animals and plant trees on the day. Donating for elephant and peacock protection is meritorious for the nakshatra.

Revathi nakshatra is good for marriage, vidyarambam, and annaprashan.