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Dreaming Of Snake Bite – Meaning

Dreaming about snake bit is common. As per dream interpretation and meaning, snake bite dream means you will be facing numerous problems in future and they will happen suddenly. There will be accidents from human made things or natural.

Dreaming of snake bite also means that you are making bad friendships which will destroy you. It also means dishonesty and fraud. So be careful about people you are dealing with.

Seeing black snake biting you means you will lose valuable things. You can expect theft.

Dreaming of white snake biting means your lover or spouse might be cheating on you.

Dreaming of colorful snakes biting you means your new friends have agendas and they do not really like you. They are here to use you for their success or achievements.

Dreaming of snake bit in water means you will face problems due to flood or will be troubled by water related diseases.