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Five Elements Of Nature And Offerings In Hindu Puja

Offerings in Hindu puja is directly associated with the five elements of Nature.

  1. Offering of water in Hindu puja represents the water element.
  2. Offering of food Prasad or bhog or naivedya, sandal paste, saffron or musk represents the earth element.
  3. Offering of flowers represents akasha or the whole space.
  4. Offering of incense represents vayu or air.
  5. Offering of lamp or diya represents tejas or the fire element.

The process of offering five different puja items is based on Paramananda Tantra. It is offering the five elements through five representations.

External worship aims at a transformation of the devotee into deity. It is an internalization of the external world. It brings new meaning to what one experiences through one’s sense organs and brings a complete harmony of being with the five elements on one hand, and the para vidya (the supreme knowledge of the nature of pure consciousness) on the other.