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Teachings Of Sage Narada To Suka

Teachings of Sage Narada to Suka, the parrot son of Sage Vyasa, are found in the Mahabharata and the Puranas.

There is no eye like knowledge, no sorrow like attachment, no happiness like renunciation. One who has renounced the fruits of all actions, who is desireless and possessionless, one who has renounced everything is the truly wise man.

Non-possession, deep contentment, desirelessness, deliberation before action constitute the highest good.

Possession is attended with harm. A silkworm spinning his cocoon is enmeshed in his own possession.

Men entangled in their sons, wives and family sink down into ruin like elephants sunk in the muddy soil of the lake.

One who likes to live in society is like an animal tied down by halter. The good break this bound and get free.

This body, the abode of the elements is perishable, foul, and full of diseases. The soul dwelling inside is beginningless, deathless and incorporeal.

There is no end to thirst; contentment is the highest happiness.

As the courses of rivers flow down, never to return in the same way, the days and nights take away the life of mortals again and again. Disease attacks and kills creatures as butcher does to the animals. The creatures in the world take great pleasure in pairs of opposites. You should not be deluded by them.