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Dreaming Of Urinating – Meaning

Dreaming of urinating is generally perceived as good as per dreaming meaning and interpretation. It means you will get opportunity to come clean, relief to emotional problems troubling you and it also means something bad following you will go away.

Dreaming of playing with urine means you will lose reputation. There will be financial problems. It also suggests defeat or demotion. This dream also means that your enemies will be successful in their actions.

Dreaming of urinating on your body is a sign of accident in immediate future.

Dreaming of colorful urine means you will be able to overcome difficult times. You might face harsh situations but you will show courage and will power to conquer them.

Dreaming of urinating on someone else means you will be clueless on how to face problems and they will get worse.

Dreaming of someone urinating on you means that you will get in touch with reality. You have been building your life around unreal things and they will crumble.

Dreaming of urinating in a public place is a warning that your secret activities will will be revealed.