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Unique Ganesh Narasimha Combined Image At Bhu Village – Ratnagiri District

A unique and noteworthy combined image of Ganesha and Narasimha is found in Bhu Village in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. The unique murti is found at Lakshmikant mandir, dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu. The murti is kept outside the door of the sanctum sanctorum or garbhagriha.

The murti has a composite face of lion and elephant. The face combines the elements of Narsimha as well as Ganesh. The eyes are vertical and oval (mostly lion’s eyes are depicted in this manner in Indian art). Ears are small and resemble that of a lion than that of an elephant.

The murti has four hands, carries the attribute Shankh (conch) in its upper right hand, Chakra (a serrated discus) in its upper left hand, a sweet in its lower left hand and a dagger or tusk in its lower right hand.

The attributes Shankh and Chakra, in the hands of this image are the particular attributes of Vishnu. Other attributes - the tusk and food items - are related to Ganesh.