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Dreaming Of Visiting Temple – Meaning - Going To Temple Dream

Dreaming of visiting temple is considered a good sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. It means that soon you will have to give up a bad habit or bad friendship. It also means solution to financial or relationship related problems. Dreams of going to temple mean a thing that was disturbing you will be solved.

Dreaming of several temples means you will turn spiritual. You will find happiness sattvic lifestyle. You might give up some of your evil ways or bad thoughts. The dream also means opportunity to travel.

If you are dreaming of visiting a known temple and you are happy then it means you will go and spend more time with friends or relatives. It also means that you might opportunity to good food.

Dreaming of inside a temple at night and you are scared means your enemies might try to trick you. You should not fall into the trap of those who are trying to lure you away from good habits.

Dreaming of visiting temple with family or friends means happy occasions in the family like birth or marriage.