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Dreaming Of Vulture – Meaning

Dreaming of vulture is generally considered bad but there also some good signs in them as per dream interpretation and meaning. Simply dreaming of vulture means death or accident. It also means those friends or relatives you expected to help you will not lend you the helping hand.

Dreaming of vulture tearing body of dead animals means you will get opportunity to clean up a bad act of yours. It also means you will get sin redemption. You will be forgiven.

Dreaming of vulture eating human body means you will witness death by accident. It also means you will be helpless in a testing situation.

Dreaming of lots of vulture together means you will be attacked by enemies. Fight in unknown place. There will be no support from colleagues or friends. You will be accused of something you had not done.

Dreaming of vulture flying in sky means you will get success with hard work. There will be hidden opportunity and you need to find them for progress and success.