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Bhushan – Hindi Poet – Kavi Bhushana Who Wrote About Shivaji

Bhushan, or Kavi Bhushana, is the pen name of a popular Hindi poet (1613 – 1715 CE). The mysterious autobiographical poem of Kavi Bhushan does not allude to his real name though he mentions Ratnakar Tripathi of Trivikrampur as his father. Writing during the riti era, when stylistic rhetoric dominated the scene, he accepted the patronage of various courts and wrote veergitis (songs of valor). His main patrons where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrasal Bundela.

Six major works are ascribed to Bhushan but only three have been actually found. These are Sivaraj Bhushana, Siva Bhavani and Chhatrasal Dasak.

Sivaraj Bhushana talks the historical episodes from Shivaji’s life prior to 1673 in detail. It has 384 poems. Siva Bavan has 52 poems and Chhatrasal Dasak has ten poems. Some other romantic poems have also been ascribed to him.

In describing the valiant hero in superlative terms, Kavi Bhushan illustrates the various aspects of valor, namely, yuddhavira (bravery on the battlefield), anavira (generosity of giving), dayavira (valiant in compassion) and dharmavira (protector of the faith).

Bhushan wrote in the popular Braj language with words from Bundeli and Baisvadi dialects, and also used a few popular Arabic and Persian words.

Poetry of Kavi Bhushan is an example of writing with a purpose and projects literature as an aid to high ideals. His descriptions are never limited to the outer paraphernalia of war but highlight the indomitable human spirit against heavy odds.