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Dreaming Of Vomiting – Meaning - Dream Of Vomiting Blood

Dreaming of vomiting is good as per dream interpretation and meaning. But dream of vomiting blood is bad. The dream means that you will get opportunity to get out a bad situation or friendship. It also means you will get opportunity for sin redemption or to correct a mistake. The symbolic meaning is to throw out that is causing difficulty for you.

Dreaming of vomiting blood means sudden death in family. It also means accident. It also means unexpected health issue to you or a near family member. Dreaming of vomiting blood and you see it on your body means someone might attack you with the intention to kill you. 

Dreaming of vomit on body means you are going to face emotional problems and relationship issues. Someone whom you trusted might cheat on you. It also means shame or embarrassment in public.

Dreaming of vomiting the same food you have eaten means you will face health issues.

Dreaming of vomiting and you cleaning it is a sign of bad luck. It means there will be solution to problems in life. It also means happy occasions in the family.