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Dreaming Of Vacation – Meaning

Meaning of dreaming of vacation depends on the situation as per dream interpretation. Dream of you happily on vacation means you will soon hear happy news or there will happy occasions in life like get together or return to home. It also means there will be new member in the family.

Dreaming of you going for vacation along with family members is a sign of progress and new opportunity. It also means success and luck.

Dreaming of you on vacation alone means you will be day dreaming about achieving certain things in life. You will not do the hard work but want to achieve success and money. It also means loneliness or depression.

Dreaming of vacation with people you have not seen means loss of property. It also means failure due to carelessness.

Dreaming of vacation with opposite sex means you will get success if you are determined and are ready to work hard. Luck in romance related matters.