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Rurujit Vidhana

Rurujit Vidhana is a particular type of consecration of murtis or vigrahams in a Hindu temple. In Rurujith Vidhanam, a powerful and fierce form of Goddess Kali is worshipped.

The Goddess worshipped in Rurujit Vidhana is a combined form of Goddess worshipped in Kashmir Shaivism, very higher forms of Goddess known as Kalasankarshini and Mahatada and also the Tripurasundari form in Srividya.

The highly powerful vidyas of Mahatatha Padhathi and Srividya Padhathi are part of Rurujit Vidhana.

In temples following Rurujith Vidhanam, there will be pratishta or murtis of Shiva, Rurujit form of Goddess Kali, Saptamatrikas and Kshetrapala.

The temple complex will have east facing Shiva temple in the middle. Saptamatrikas will be consecrated in a long rectangular platform facing north or east.

Temples following Rurujit Vidhana are mainly found in North Kerala. A classic example is the famous Kodungallur Temple and Madayi Kavu temple.