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Bhadrakali Mantra For Protection

Bhadrakali mantra for protection is found in the Devi Kavacha Stotra, Phetkarinit Tantra and also in Svacchanda Tantra. The mantra gives protection to a devotee who follows Dharma. The mantra fights all kinds of fears and enemies. It removes fear of darkness and ghosts. It also helps a devotee stay alone and also in having a good sleep.

Bhadrakali Mantra For Protection
हाउ काली महा काली किलिकिलि फट स्वाहा 
Hau Kali Maha Kali Kilikili Phat Swaha

The mantra should be chanted daily 108 times daily. The ideal time to chant the mantra is early morning before sunrise or at midnight 12:09 AM to 1:03 AM.

One should invoke the image of Bhadrakali in mind before chanting the mantra.

The chanting of the mantra can drive away all hurdles in life.