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Dreaming Of Utensils – Meaning

Dreaming of utensils is an uncommon dream. The meaning of the dream is positive and negative depending on the situation. Dreaming of costly utensils means change of luck or change of current residence.

Dream of old utensils means you will be moving into a distant location. It also indicates career change, transfer or a new job.

Dreaming of utensils breaking (or broken ones) means there will be diseases in the family. It also means you will face problems in a present job or relationship.

Dreaming of utensils being taken away or you giving them away sadly mean you will face money problems or property issues. A person whom you trusted will not help you and might take a stand against you.

Dreaming of colorful utensils and you playing with them or using those means you will get into a desired relationship or you will marry someone of your liking.

Dream of buying new utensils means desire fulfillment related to opposite sex.