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Moosari Utsavam At Tripunithura Temple – Dedicated To Temple Sculpture

Moosari Utsavam at Tripunithura Poornathrayeesa temple is unique as it is dedicated to the Moosari or the sculpture who carved the vigraha or murti of the main deity in the temple. Moosari Utsavam 2024 date is September 8 to September 15. The 8-day festival ends with Arattu on the Thiruvonam Nakshatra day in Chingam month.

There is no eye on the main murti in the temple. The belief is that the Moosari who was making the murti merged in the murti before he could create the eyes. The festival is in memory of this divine event.

The main vigraha of Poornathrayeesa (Narayana – Vishnu) is nearly four feet tall and is consecrated atop a peedam or stand. The murti is made out of Panchaloha. Ananta Sesha forms a canopy over Vishnu who is in sitting posture.

Goddess Lakshmi and Bhu Devi are installed on the sides of the peedam in the temple.

The temple was destroyed during an attack in 1265 AD. It was rebuilt and puna prathishta was done in 1270 AD. The western gopuram was built in 1777 AD, Sreekovil and Mandapam in 1825 AD, Vilakku Madangal in 1833 AD and the eastern gopuram in 1840 AD.

The shrine has a huge temple courtyard, balikkalpura, anakottil, kulikadavu and malikakal.

The temple originally belonged to the Kuriyar or Karoor Swaroopam. When the swaroopam perished the shrine came into the possession of Kochi king. The shrine was the family temple of the erstwhile Kochi royal family.