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What Is The Vehicle or Vahana Of Goddess Kali?

Goddess Kali does not usually have a vahana or vehicle. It is very common for Gods and Goddesses in Hindu pantheon to have a vahana. Bhadrakali form of Goddess Kali worshipped in Kerala has Vetala has her vahana. It is believed that she rode on a Vetala to defeat demon Darika. The story of Kali annihilating demon Darika is widespread throughout Kerala and most temples of Bhadrakali is based on the concept of Goddess venturing to annihilate demon Darika.

Vetala is usually found atop the flag post in Bhadrakali temples.

According to Matsya Purana, Goddess Kali has donkey as her Vahana and she holds a flag of a broom (Joshi N.P. 1979 Bhartiya Murti Shastra, Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Granth Nirmiti Mandal, Nagpur - page 229).

Generally, Goddess Kali is so violent (unimaginably ferocious) that it is impossible for any living being to be near her. The energy she emits will consume anything that comes within her vicinity. So it is only natural that she does not have a vehicle. And only Shiva can stop her from destroying the universe. Thus Shiva lies down on the ground and she stamps on him. Then, she suddenly realizes that She is a wife and mother. And She returns to her motherly affectionate form.