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Dharma Daivam Worshipped In North Kerala

Dharma Daivam is worshipped for peace and prosperity of the family in old Tharavads of North Kerala. Some people worship a forefather or famous ancestor as Dharmadaivam. The deity also has the names Kuladaivam and Mantramurti.

The deity is worshipped, pujas performed and offerings made before all auspicious ceremonies in the family. The first puja in the family should be offered to this deity. Pujas to other gods and goddess should be offered only after Dharma Daivam puja.

Kolams of Dharmadaivam are performed in North Kerala. The kolams are performed by Pulayan, Vannan, and Munoottan.

In some scriptures, Sastha is also known as Dharmadaivam.