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Beej Mantra For Good Luck

Beej mantra for good luck has the power to usher in luck money aspects. This mantra is associated with immediate relief to financial problems. The mantra will help in winning lottery, getting job, winning games and competition.

Beej mantra for good luck – Gloum. – गलौं।  

Beej mantra is a single letter powerful mantra. This is a tantric mantra and should be chanted with utmost care. It should not be chanted carelessly and without proper cleansing procedure. Doing it for fun or to mock etc will result in bad result to the chanter.

How To Chant Beej Mantra For Good Luck?

The mantra should be chanted beginning on a Monday.

This mantra should be chanted early morning 1.5 hours before sunrise. The person chanting the mantra should take bath and wear green or yellow color dress.

The person should apply chandan on forehead.

A lamp should be lit on the west side of the house using ghee. Offer yellow color flowers. Offer a green color cloth. Offer a yellow color sweet.

The devotee should then sit facing north and chant the mantra 108 times.

From next day onward chant the mantra only no puja for 21 days or till you are completely cured.

After change of luck you should plant trees and take care of them.