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12 Offerings In Devi Puja In Kerala

While performing Devi puja in Kerala, 12 different kinds of things are offered. In local language they are known as 12 Dravyam. These offerings are given to various forms of Goddess Bhagavathi including Durga, Kali, Bhadrakali and Devi.

The 12 offerings in Devi Puja are

  1. Water – Jalam
  2. Milk – Pal
  3. Darbha
  4. Rice
  5. Rice with husk – Nellu
  6. Akshatham
  7. Karim Kurinji (medicinal plant)
  8. Kaduku – Mustard seeds
  9. Karuka
  10. Kumkumam
  11. Gorochana
  12. Honey – Theen

All these 12 offerings are together given during important pujas. It is believed that offering them will help in desire fulfillment especially financial and those related to relationships. It is also offered to overcome fear. The offerings are also made for good health and fast cure.