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How To Observe Bhavani Deeksha? – Rules of Bhavani Deeksha Of Kanaka Durga Temple

Bhavani Deeksha is an important ritual observed devotees of Goddess Kanaka Durga in November – December at Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple. Here is a brief idea on how to observe Bhavani Deeksha and important rules.

Bhavani Deeksha, a special ritual, is undertaken for 41 days voluntarily by men and women in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and by Telugu speaking people living in different parts of India and around the world.

The devotees wear crimson red clothes and visit the Kanaka Durga Temple or other shrines of Mother Goddess Shakti in their vicinity.

The deeksha is undertaken to purge the body and soul of impurities and to for desire fulfillment.

41 days – 21 days – 108 Days

Those who cannot endure the full Bhavani Deeksha Vratam can opt for half-cycle known as Ardha Mandala.

The full Mandala Deeksha begins on Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Kartik Month and the half-cycle begins 20 days later both end on the same date.

Some devotees observe the Mahamandala which is for 108 days.

The Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy temple authorities notify the dates of initiation and conclusion (virmana) which are staggered for five days to spread out the rush.

The 41-day spiritual sojourn is a life-time experience for devotees. Those living in and around Vijayawada take the initiation at the Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy temple while others visit the local temples designated for the purpose.

Rules of Bhavani Deeksha

Bhavanis are required to have cold water bath, eat vegetarian meal consisting of fruits and nuts, sleep on the floor and spend most of the time in devotional and spiritual pursuit and atmosphere.

Men, women and children can undertake the ritual. Menstruating women too can take part in the ritual.

After early morning ablutions, the devotee is initiated into the deeksha by a priest who garlands the Bhavani with a string of beads which the Bhavani wears for the next 41 days. The initiation process is called mala dharana.

During the 41-days while attending to the chores, the devotees offer prayers in the early morning at temple or at home.

Breakfast consists of fruits and milk. Lunch consists of a simple vegetarian meal. Dinner is grovel or a simple vegetarian food.

During the 41-day period, one works hard to kill one’s ego, evil thoughts and eliminate toxins from the body through liquid diet and natural fruits and nuts.

During the period of deeksha, the family members and colleagues consider the person undertaking the ritual as a spiritual person and help in all respects to complete the deeksha successfully.

As the deeksha nears completion during the end of December, Bhavanis proceed to the Sri Kanaka Durga Temple at Vijayawada. All members of family and relatives take part in the final ritual. The devotees carry on their head irumudi consisting of rice, dry fruit etc. bundled in a cloth for offering at the puranhuti homam at the time of viramana or conclusion.

Before heading to the temple, the devotees undertake giri pradakshina around the Indrakeeladri hill. The circumambulation takes nearly three hours.