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Break The Cage And Be Free

Be a lion, be a lion, break the cage and be free! Take a big jump and the work is done! (Swami Turiyananda, a direct-disciple of Sri Ramakrishna).

Indeed, down the ages, men of God have always given the call for love, compassion, and spiritual courage. But somehow, we, the people on the street, have chosen to be deaf and we continue to live in our multi-layered cages: the cage we are born with – body, mind, ego, and samskaras; the cage we have constructed for ourselves – identities born of relationships with people, ideas, things, and places; and the cage forged for us by the world – situations, and circumstances.

 The consequence of living in these cages are violence, debased sense gratifications, and false sense of happiness and goodness.

The irony is that most of us do not even recognise the cage as an imprisonment. We accept our condition as a natural state of life and are happy to enjoy the ‘freedom’ of pacing around in the cage! We spend our energies in polishing the cage, defending it, and glorifying it with euphemistic names. Our individual cages, then together shape new cages for our whole society.

It really requires a lion’s courage to break free from all these cages. We have to take ‘a big jump’, a leap of faith – faith in our innate divinity, faith in the divinity of others, and faith in God – to awaken ourselves and others to a life of true freedom.

SourceVedanta Kesari January 2020 Editorial