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Quotes For Happy Life

Happiness and knowledge happens during the journey. Once we reach the destination, we just rest.

To drop the ego all it takes is a genuine smile.

Choose words wisely, because tomorrow we may have to eat them.

When we harbor bitterness and hatred, happiness moves farther away.

Silence, calmness and gentleness are the ways to tame a mind constantly swayed by ego.

Love is the medicine to cure all wounds caused by ego, anger, bitterness and hatred.

Do not be stingy in appreciating goodness. Appreciation nurtures goodness. It is contagious. It catches on. When we accept the good in others, it becomes an inspiration for all.

Take and have only what is essential. Anything in excess creates a bulge. It deforms and corrupts the entire system.

Hatred begins when we are unable to accept a person for what he/she is.

True love is without conditions and borders.

Not all things are in our control. When we are ready to accept this, we have subdued anger and frustration.

Gossiping, losing temper, being grumpy, nasty and selfish are signs that we are on the path of self-destruction.

When life shakes you up, if you can maintain your calm, composure and smile; then you will emerge victorious even at the severest test thrown at you by life.

Concentrating and meditating on god means, we are connecting with our true self.

Honesty, doing one’s duty to the best ability, contentment and elevating oneself to the path of self-realization should be the principles in life.

Disappointments and frustration creep in life when we see life as a mad race.

Greediness and dissatisfaction can be put to an end only through the unfathomable wealth within us. That wealth is God.

Uncontrolled emotions are a major cause of our suffering. Emotions need to be channelized by becoming friends with people who are happy and positive, by being compassionate, by being in the company of wise people and keeping away from evil and negative people.

When you shelter and water negative feelings and hatred in your mind, you are sheltering a poisonous snake and it will destroy you at any moment.

Include contemplation in daily routine to escape from infinite misery and unending ignorance.

To be cheerful make the mind stable by avoiding the extremes. Have a balanced approach to life.

There is nothing ordinary here; everything is a part of the divine. Develop this attitude for a peaceful and prosperous life.

Goodness and innocence is a trap. Along with goodness and innocence, you need to be alert, agile and aware. Being good does not mean you should be a fool or scapegoat.

To be free from jealousy, desire and greed is to invite godliness in us.

Our body and mind should be the abode of God. But sadly we are filling it up with all sort of rubbish.

All this rubbish has hidden God present in us. What we call spirituality or spiritual knowledge is the removal of these rubbishes.

All Teerth yatras, pilgrimages, Vrats, fastings, rituals and quests are for removing the veil of anger, jealousy, desire and greed, which is stopping us for knowing what we really are.

Look within and realize what we really are.

Stop giving undue importance to things, which are not under your control. To achieve success focus on those things that are in your control.

Key to success is to know your strengths and weakness and giving up excuses.

No one can become successful overnight. Success is the result of continuous hard work and perseverance.

If you fear falling down then it is impossible to taste success.

It is ok to say no when your priorities are in danger.

Be a person seeking truth do not attach oneself to any ism.

Well have to find our own way, teachers only give hints.

Keep an open mind to make the most of this journey called life.

The best teachings are those that inspire us to have a good relationship with all living beings.

It is ok to slow down, pause and refresh. We often do not enjoy the labor of our fruits when we are always rushing madly.

Deal with the situation at hand in the best way possible – it is the best way to lead a happy and meaningful life.

Be flexible. Accept changes and new things. There may be something nice waiting to happen.

Enjoy what you do. If you are not enjoying it, then it is time, to be honest, and look out for what you really love.

Do not ruin life for silly things; life is much much bigger than many silly things that we worry about.

Think more about how to get the inner beauty right than the external beauty.