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Neyyabhishekam In Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple – Significance - Symbolism Of Offering Ghee To Ayyappa

The most important offering to Lord Ayyappa at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple is Ghee. Ayyappa loves Abhisheka and he is therefore also known as Abhisheka Priyan. The most popular abhishekam is using Neyyu or ghee. Devotees bring ghee to the temple by felling it inside a coconut. This coconut is known as Neythenga or the coconut filled with ghee. This coconut is carried from home in the Irumudi kettu.

The ghee symbolizes the human soul and through the abhishekam of the ghee on Lord Ayyappa the soul merges with the Supreme Being. The jeevatma is ghee and the paramatma is Lord Ayyappa.

Once the ghee is removed from the coconut, then the coconut symbolizes Jadam or dead body. This is the reason why the coconut is then offered in the huge Aazhi or fire in front of the temple.