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Reason Sharakol Thrown At Sharakmuthi In Sabarimala

The first time visitors of Ayyappa Temple (Kanni Ayyappas) throw Sharakol or Arrows at Saramkuthi. But why do Ayyappas carry arrows to Sabarimala? Legend has it that after defeating the Marava Pada (an army of bandits) and Udayanan (the leader of the bandits), Ayyappa, Vavar, Kadutha and the army crossed the Enjiparakotta and headed towards and reached Pampa.

From here the warriors headed by Ayyappa went towards Nili Mala. And they reached the Sabari Peedam.

Here Ayyappa asked his warriors to put down all the weapons. The warriors put down their bow, arrows, swords, spears and other weapons under a peepal tree.

After that they entered the temple of Dharma Shasta (the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple).

First time visitors to Ayyappa Temple, known as Kanni Ayyappas, throw Sharakols or arrows in memory this divine act.

Symbolically, one should enter the Sabarimala Temple with devotion only.

The army then rebuilt the temple that was destroyed by the bandits. Ayyappa then merged with the murti at the Dharma Shasta temple.