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Azhakodi Devi Temple In Kozhikode - Important Facts - Gods - Festival

Azhakodi Devi temple is located a kilometer north of private bus stand in Kozhikode in Kerala. The 8-day annual festival is observed in such a way that the festival ends with Arattu on the Punartham Nakshatra in Medam month.

The temple is dedicated to Bhadrakali. An important subsidiary deities in the temple is Sasthavu. Other subsidiary deities are Anthimahakalan, Unnitripuranthakan, Venugopalan, Ganapathya and Dakshinamurthy. The main deity faces east.

There is small grove on the east side of the shrine and Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is worshipped here.

After the noon pooja (uccha puja) in the main temple, the priest should visit the Bhuvaneshwari temple and then again perform the uccha puja in the main temple. Then only the puja will be complete.

It is believed that Bhuvaneshwari here was the kalari devata of Tiruthiyadaruvar.

The Sastha in the temple is believed to have been the main deity before. Kanalattam using 41 pieces of jackfruit tree wood was performed earlier before Sastha temple.

9-day navratri festival held in September - October is of great importance in the temple. Mahanavami and Vijayadashami are of great significance in the temple.