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Ada – Food Offering In Kerala Temples

Ada is unique food offering (prasadam or naivedyam) in temples in Kerala and in certain temples in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Ada in Kerala temples is prepared using finely grounded rice flour. This flour is then made into a paste. Another method is by soaking rice and then grinding them to a paste. The rice flour paste is then spread on banana or turmeric leaves or vatta ella along with coconut and jaggery. It is then steamed or roasted to make ada. There are many different types of ada.

Ada – Food Offering In Kerala Temples

Ada is an important naivedya to Ganesha in many Ganpati Temples in Kerala. It is an important offering in many temples and sacred groves in coastal Karnataka and Kerala.

It is an important preparation during the Pooram Vrat observed in Meena month in North Kerala.

During Sarpabali ritual, Ada without jaggery is prepared as an offering to the Nagas or serpents.