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Sri Ramakrishna On Him Seeing Lord Rama

Ramlala is Lord Rama as a small boy. Sri Ramakrishna use to see Ramlala. Sri Ramakrishna told his disciples about his vision of Lord Rama:

I actually saw – just as I see you before me – that Ramlala accompanied me dancing, now preceding, now following me. Sometimes he importuned to be carried in my lap. Again, when I took him on my lap, he would by no means remain there. He would go down to run hither and thither, collect flowers in thorny jungles or go to the Ganga to swim and splash water there.

I said over and over again, ‘My child, don’t do that, you will get blisters on your soles if you run in the sun; do not remain in water so long, you will catch cold and get fever.’ But he did not give ear to my words, however much I might forbid him. Unconcerned he went on with his pranks as if I was speaking to someone else. He would sometimes grin and look at me with his two eyes, beautiful like the petals of a lotus, or carry on his pranks with a vengeance.

He would pout both his lips and grimace and make mouths at me. I would then actually be angry and scold him, … I would pull him away from the sun or from the water and then cajole him by giving him this thing or that and then ask him to play within the room.
Again, finding it impossible to restrain his naughtiness I would sometimes give him a slap or two. Thus beaten, he would pout his beautiful lips and sob and look at me with tears in his eyes, when I would feel pained. I then took him affectionately on my lap and cajoled him. I actually saw and acted thus.”

Source - Sri Ramakrishna: The Great Master, p.743-44

You and I can have the same vision that Sri Ramakrishna had but the only obstacle is ego. Ego stops us from having unwavering devotion.