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Goddess Pedamma – About Hindu Goddess Pedamma

Goddess Pedamma is widely worshipped in many villages in South and Eastern parts of India, especially in Orissa, Bengal, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. At the beginning of creation, Goddess Pedamma produced three eggs. The three eggs contain three great gods. Thus, she is the primordial source of life on earth.

To start creation on earth, she wished to have intercourse with the three great gods. However, two of them refused because they considered Goddess Pedamma as their mother.

The third one agreed but only if Goddess Pedamma gave her third eye to him. The goddess agreed and gave him the third eye. All her power rested in the third eye. When the goddess lost her third eye, she became powerless.

The third god killed her and scattered her on earth. In the scattered form, she appeared as Gramadevata or village goddess.

The word Peddamma consists of two separate words Pedda and Amma, literally mean Mother of Mothers or The Supreme Mother.

It must be noted here that some of the popular temples consider Pedamma as Mother Goddess Durga. Her Story is similar to the one in which Mother Goddess appears to kill Mahishasura.