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Kaula In Hindu Religion – Kaula Form Of Worship

Kaula in Hindu religion is a person who performs one of the forms of Tantric worship. The Kaula sect is a highly specialized group of advanced seekers of Tantra. They belong to Shakta School and worship one or numerous forms of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Kularnava Tantra describes Kulachara as the highest form of Tantric Worship.

Kulachara means the traditional religious observances peculiar to a family. It has a mysterious meaning in Tantric worship.

A Kaula uses as means of worship those very things which are usually considered most dangerous for spiritual seekers. They are called Pancha Tattva or Pancha Makaras.

There are two divisions of Kaula worshippers namely, Purva Kaulas and Uttara Kaulas.

Purva Kaula worship Mother Goddess in the form of Sri Chakra. This form of worship is known as Sri Vidya.

The Uttara Kaula does not practice his worship alone in Tantra, but he practices it with a young woman as his partner.

The female partner is called Shakti or Vama or Lata and Kaula way of worship is called Shakta worship or Vamachara or Lata Sadhana.

The Uttara Kaulas are divided into three classes according to their progress and advancement towards the ultimate goal.

For selecting a female partner for worship, very strict rules and tests are applied. These are found in the Gandharva Tantra.

Severe punishment is given to those seekers who take to Kaulamarga without first overcoming lust. This is mentioned in the Parananda Sutra.

Yogini Tantra and Kamakhya Tantra also mentions about Kaula.