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Kakkara Bhagavathi Temple - History - Festival Theyyam And Kaliyattam

Kakkara Bhagavathi Temple, also known as Kakkarakavu temple, is located at Kadannappally in Kannur in Kerala. This is an important Bhadrakali Kavu. Kakkara Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam and Kaliyattam 2022 date is February 2. The annual Theyyam and Kaliyattam festival is observed on Makaram 20.

The important theyyams performed here are Kakkara Bhagavathi, Narambil Bhagavathy, Vishnumoorthy, Karutha Bhootham.

Kakkara Bhagavathi Temple Theyyam And Kaliyattam

This place is mentioned as Kanalkurakavu in Thottam Pattu.

The deity worshipped in Kakkara Bhagavathi Temple is the fierce form of Bhadrakali who was on her way to annihilate demon Daruka.

Legend has it that the deity was worshipped in Kalakattu Illam. But due to some unfortunate incident the elder member of the family got angry at the goddess and threw her sword in a nearby river. The sword was found by the elder member of the Poonthanam illam. He consecrated the sword at Kakkara.

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