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Hariyupiya In Vedas

Hariyupiya is a place mentioned in Rig Veda (VI.27.5). The hymn carrying the word Hariyupiya runs as follows: “Indra killed the survivors of Varasikha in order to help Chayamana. When Indra slew those of Vrcivant’s at front of Hariyupiya, the others behind dispersed in fear.”

Sayana says Hariyupiya was either a river or a city. However, if taken as a river, the expressions “at the front and at the back” are difficult to explain and interpret.

We never come across the front or the back of a river mentioned in this way. Usually, the banks of a river are mentioned. Therefore, Hariyupiya here most likely stands for a city of the name and not a river. This argument is strengthened by the fact that in the next hymn a city named Yavyavati has been mentioned.

According to Sayana, Yavyavati is the name as Hariyupiya. However, if that is the case, then there seems to be no reason for changing the name of the city in the very next verse. Besides, the purpose of the hymn is to describe the exploits of Indra in as many places and on as many occasions as possible. So we must take Yavyavati as a city different from Hariyupiya.

Hariyupiya is also sometimes identified with Harappa, where relics of Indus Valley Civilization have been found. The similarity of the names, the possible contiguity of locale, and the period of Hariyupiya make this supposition reasonable.

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