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Fifteen Ways To Find Everlasting Happiness

Prabuddha is one of the nine yogisvaras and King Nimi used to take his spiritual advice. He gives several valuable advices. Here are fifteen ways to find everlasting happiness.

Teachings Of Prabuddha

In this world, people want to lead a comfortable life. They do not want to experience any difficulty. And so they begin to acquire wealth, so that they will not lack any comforts.

But the very wealth which they seek so ardently, leads to sorrow. You have to work hard to get wealth. And this wealth eventually becomes the cause for the loss of a person’s peace of mind.

His possessions and his relatives are all impermanent. While these do give him joy, the joy does not last.

Being mindful of the results of his actions, a man may do a lot of deeds that will earn him punyas. But punyas only enable him to go to svarga, which is not a peaceful place, as we imagine. It is a place where he will witness quarrels between the devas. So, there is no true joy in svarga either. The only lasting joy comes from knowing about the Supreme One.

How To Find Lasting Happiness?

  1. A person should find an Acharya, who will guide him.
  2. He must also serve the deity of his choice.
  3. He should have affection towards devotees of Lord Narayana.
  4. He should see God in all creatures.
  5. He should dress in simple clothes.
  6. He should not have a permanent dwelling place of his own.
  7. He should learn the scriptures and contemplate on what he has studied.
  8. He must have tolerance.
  9. He must observe a vow of silence.
  10. He must delight in hearing about God’s qualities and His avataras.
  11. He must meditate on Him, and spend his whole life in serving Him.
  12. He must perform yagas; he must give to the deserving; he must resort to penance.
  13. He must do japa.
  14. He must have good conduct.
  15. He must help God’s devotees, when they are in distress.