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Sadh Panth – Spiritual Sect Popular in Haryana – Uttar Pradesh – Delhi – Punjab

Sadh Panth is a spiritual sect propagated by Jogi Das, Vira Bhana and Udaya during the 17th century AD. This sect is more popular in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab. The teachings and philosophy of Sant Kabir Das had a great influence on Sadh Panth.

The most important text of Sadh Panth is ‘Nirvana Jnana’ which is also known as ‘Pothi’. Other important texts include Bani by Vira Bahana and Adi Upadesha by Jogi Das.

There are twelve basic tenets of Sadh Panth. Some of the tenets are:
  • Firm belief in one God who is omnipotent, endless, omnipresent, pure, creator of the cosmos;
  • Total humility and non-attachment to luxuries;
  • Truthfulness;
  • Abstinence from vulgar speech and watching obscenities;
  • Wearing only simple and white clothes;
  • Showing mercy to all creatures of the earth;
  • Total non-violence.
The sect believe that Adi Guru Udaya was a manifestation of Sant Kabir.

The followers of Sant Panth gather at Farrukkabad, Agra and Delhi on Purnima or full moon day.