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Sage Patanjali Learned Yoga Secrets From His Mother

Sage Patanjali, who shared the secrets of Yoga for the welfare of human beings in Kali Yuga, was an avatar of Adishesha, the serpent on whose coils Vishnu sleeps in the milky ocean. But did you know that Sage Patanjali learned yoga secrets from his mother.

Once, Adishesha heard about the cosmic dance of Shiva from Vishnu. Adishesha was a devotee of Shiva and he too wished to witness the cosmic dance or Tandava of Shiva.
Vishnu then informed Adishesha that Shiva will be performing the dance on earth. Vishnu asked Adishesha to take human form so that he can witness the cosmic dance of Shiva.

Adishesha was then started looking for a mother on earth. She came across a powerful yogini Gonika who was performing intense penance dedicated to Shiva to get a son.

Gonika was no ordinary human being she gathered wisdom throughout her life. She had learned the yogic practices and wanted a child who would pass it on to the human beings.

While performing her morning prayers, Gonika scooped up water from a river, closed her eyes and uplifted her water-filled palms offering obeisance to Surya, the sun god.

At the precise moment, Adishesha dropped into her palms in the form a small snake and then jumped to the ground and took the form of a human baby.

Gonika opened her eyes when she heard the cry of a human baby. She was happy and astonished to find a self-manifested baby. She took up the child and called him Patanjali – Pat (who fell) Anjali (who fell into palms that were folded in prayer.

Sage Patanjali mastered all the nuances of yoga from his mother. She taught him all the wisdom she had learned from all the living beings on earth and from celestial beings.