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Iravil Sree Mahavishnu Temple Gods Worshipped - Story - Festival

Iravil Sree Mahavishnu temple is located in the Pulloor Periya village in Kasargod district in Kerala. The annual festival is observed on the Thiruvonam Nakshatram day in Medam month.

The form of Mahavishnu worshipped here is that of Sri Krishna who gave darshan to Devaki in the prison of Kamsa. The moolasthan of the deity is the Chengulam Kavu.

Durga, Sastha, Tiruvalayappan (Shiva) and Rakshas are the subsidiary deities. The temple belongs to Iravil Vazhunor Thantri.

The main deity faces east. The temple is noted for the exquisite sculptures and intricate carvings.

It is said that the temple was enormously rich during olden days. But the temple was in a dilapidated state for long time and was later renovated.

There is a deep cave, around 400 meters, behind the temple.