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Udiyanoor Shiva Temple In Thiruvananthapuram - Story - History - Festival

Udiyanoor Shiva Temple, or Udiyanoor Mahadeva temple, is located at Nalanchira on the Kesavadasapuram – Vembayam route in Thiruvananthapuram. The annual festival in the temple is observed for six days in such a manner that the festival ends with arattu on the Mahashivratri day.

Udiyanoor Shiva Temple is unique because the shrine has two temples worshipping diametrically opposite forms of Shiva. The temple below or thazhe kshetram has the fierce Aghora Shiva. The upper temple or mele kshetram has Shanta Shivan or peaceful form of Shiva. Both the deities face east and the Sreekovil is round.

The temples belonged to two brothers of Edayanathu Madam. It is believed that the elder brother propitiated peaceful Shiva and got darshan of him here. The fierce young brother worshipped Aghora Shiva and got darshan of him here.

It is said that the younger brother died soon after having darshan and puja of Aghora Shiva. There was chitchat that the elder brother might have killed the younger brother. The elder brother could not tolerate this scandal and killed himself by jumping into a pond.

There used to be therali offering in the temple.