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After Completing One Vrat How Many Days After We Will Start The Same Vrat

 After completing one vrat for how many days should one wait before starting the same vrat. The best option is to wait for 7 or 21 or 41 days. Some people never stop doing a vrat for example like Ekadashi, Pradosh or Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat.

The reason for Vrat in Hinduism is to give the mind and body an opportunity to cleanse both internally and externally. The body uses the vrat day to throw out toxins. The mind uses it to throw out negative energy and fill it with positivity.

Even science has now started understanding the health benefits of fasting once in a fortnight.

So you can decide how many days you want to take break before starting the same vrat or a different vrat.

Always remember more than the vrat process what matters is unwavering devotion and single-minded focus.