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Powerful Shani Mantra

There are people who are unsuccessful in spite of hard work and dedication. Such people need to chant powerful shani mantras. Here is a collection of powerful shani mantra.

Powerful Shani Mantra

दीनार्तिहरणाय नम:
दैन्यनाशकराय नम:
भानुपुत्राय नम:
छायापुत्राय नम:

How To Chant Powerful Shani Mantra?

Wake up early morning on a Saturday, take bath, and then offer prayers to Ganesha in mind.

As sunrises, go to a nearby peepal tree with wheat flour (atta).

Drop the wheat flour under the tree for ants and other small animals.

Sit facing the sun under the peepal tree and chant the four names of Shani 108 times.

Continue this for next 21 Saturdays. Women can do it even during their periods.