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Thayumanavar Quotes

The dualistic approach which spiritual aspirants make use of at the start, progressively leads to Perfection, and unity with the Supreme Being. The experience of the Enlightened has declared this approach to be sensible and true and in agreement with spiritual teachings. All saints accept this dualistic approach to monism.

If I regard Thee as my True Self, surely in due course I must become That. Thou wilt Grace me in whatever form I worship Thee in my heart. There is no lack of paths, therefore, to realize Thee.

Dear Ones, the householder who controls his mind is indeed a Mahayogi, while the ascetic who allows himself to be enslaved by the senses remains ignorant. The detached heart considers both home life and ascetic life as sacred.

What is THAT which cannot be said to be dwelling ‘here’ or ‘there’, but illumines all as light — and being of the essence of Grace imparts perfect Bliss?
What is THAT which has brought forth all the millions of worlds ordaining that they have their being in Its own Grace while being Itself the Life within all lives?
What is THAT which transcends mind and speech?
What is THAT which transcends all sectarianism while allowing many religions to assert: ‘He is ours — He is ours’, and confer and argue in unending discord?'
What is THAT which remains nonetheless Knowledge Absolute, Bliss Absolute, Existence Absolute?
What is THAT which although Ever Present Thought, transcends the activities of thinking and forgetting ?
Cognizant that these and all things are manifestations of Supreme Silence, let us adore THAT.'

Conflicting beliefs share in common One only God, All-Powerful Thee; According to the need of each, Thou choosest To appear with distinctness, without a difference. As rivers run to the Sea, so do all beliefs merge Into Thee, O Sea of Great Silence.

O Supreme Lord, The Bliss-state must surely ensue If Thou wouldst make me worthy to serve Thy devotees. O Supreme Lord, Thou art the shoreless Sea of Bliss which rises in wondrous glory in the hearts of devotees who have entered the Silence, When, oh when, shall I tread the straight Path of sages who have transcended the twisting Way of useless dissensions and dogmatic wrangling.

One WORD, a wondrous word exists Which in Itself contains All other words ; by it is purged the soul of all its stains. It is the WORD by Guru given. One WORD, immovable Goal Steadfast as a mountain-top. Towards which journeys the soul. Beside it all other words are valueless, void of aim. Like pawns moved at random, Moved in a purposeless game.

You have witnessed the crows inviting their own kind to partake in a common meal. If this be the case among birds and in regard to simple food, with what great pleasure and warmth should we gather together the whole of humanity to partake of the supreme felicity of God-Realization, before the passing away of our physical bodies.