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Sashti Fasting Food – What can be eaten on Muruga Shasti fasting day?

Sashti fasting is dedicated to Muruga (also known as Kartikeya or Subrahmanya or Skanda). It is observed on the sixth day during the waxing phase of moon. Those who observe strict Sashti fasting do not eat any food on the day. Other people eat rice offering from temple and fruits. Tea, coffee etc are avoided on the fasting day.

Sashti fasting ritual begins on the day before Shasti – Panchami day.

Only a single meal is eaten on Panchami day. This is usually a single vegetarian meal.

On the Sashti day puja is performed in a Murugan Temple. Cooked rice which is offered in Murugan temple is consumed on the day.

Those observing partial fast eat fruits.

The fasting period is from sunrise to next day morning sunrise.