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Focus on the one thing that you can do now

Focus on the one thing that you can do now. This will help in overcoming the illusion of the problem. When your attention is fully in the present, it will mitigate future problems.

Taking action now with a true intention is the best possible way to overcome problems.

Stop carrying the burden of the future problem. Instead, focus on now and get rid of all problems.

When we are able to create no more pain for ourselves, we no longer create pain for others. And this is only possible when we have control over our desires. The root cause of all problems is insatiable desires and unwanted attachments.

Focusing on too many things and giving importance to all that you read and see only creates confusion in life. Keep it simple and stay away from negativity.

There are people who survive on problems. For them, life without problems is like taking the fish out of the water. They love problems and it is as if their whole life is dependent on it. This is because from a young age we are taught to worry and fear about future. There is no focus on now. Academic year starts and children are made to worry and fear about the final exam – which is a year away. If only teachers could ask children to concentrate on the present. Seeds of a beautiful present bring out the best flowers in future.