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Story of Shatrughna and Demon Lavana

Shatrughna was the youngest of the four brothers in the Ramayana. The story of Shatrughan and Demon Lavana takes place after Bhagwan Sri Ram had returned to Ayodhya defeating Ravana. Demon Lavana was the son of Madhu, who was an ardent devotee of Shiva. Madhu had received a Trishul (trident) from Shiva. The trident could destroy anything and return to the wielder.

After the death of Madhu, the trident came into the possession of his son. Lavana was a wicked demon and harassed people after possessing the powerful trident. He used it against innocent people.

People complained to Sri Ram who was ruling Ayodhya. Sri Ram deputed Shatrughna to defeat the demon and advised him how to go about.

Shatrughan and his army marched towards Lavana’s kingdom.

During the journey to Lavana’s kingdom, Shatrughan is believed to have a stayed at Valmiki Ashram and met Mata Sita and her twin sons Luv and Kush.

After paying his respects to Mata Sita, Shatrughan proceeded towards Lavana.

As told by Sri Ram, Shatrughna killed Lavana when he was returning after a hunting expedition. He did not give the demon the time to pick up the trident. Before the demon could lay hands on the powerful trident, Shatrughna killed him with his arrows.

Shatrughna then ruled the kingdom of Lavana. He ushered in peace and prosperity.

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