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Shri Shri Nimishananda Quotes - A Collection of Thoughts and Teachings of Shri Shri Nimishananda

Your life starts from a thought. The thinking process keeps generating thoughts. When you enact these thoughts you experience the fruition of your actions. Thought is the root and the outcome of action is the fruit.

Life is evolving; it is changing constantly from the root to its fruit. Between the roots and fruits lie the trunk, branches, leaves, buds and flowers. These are our various thought processes. Thoughts make the mind. As are your thoughts and thinking, so is your mind. And that is your life. The 'tree' of life.

Your mind and intellect together generate strong likes and dislikes – raag and dvesh – which create intense beliefs and disbeliefs. These lead us to love and hate relationships with fellow human beings and also with Divinity. When we understand this true aspect we can clearly see that our life is based on our mind, level of intelligence, strong beliefs and disbeliefs.

Each one of us experiences a pull towards Divinity sometime in life. The pull becomes a propulsion, a constant motion that generates a divine vibration which makes us aware of our Soul.

Normally the mind conceals the soul with thoughts and traps you in time and space. The constantly chattering mind prevents you from experiencing the sound of silence and bliss of soul. Meditation of the Supreme Knowledge splits the mind, segregates thoughts and burns them in the fire of knowledge.

Scriptures say that the realization of God comes from the heart. If we want to experience Divinity, intense devotion or bhakti is the way. At present our devotion is like a dress that we wear or remove at our convenience. Bhakti is not only the process of engaging ourselves in formal worship, prayer or rituals. It is also a process of inner expansion and evolution where the mind comes to standstill.

Divine grace helps us transcend, not only spiritually, but also physically, mentally and materialistically. The process of transcendence doesn’t mean renouncing the world; it means going beyond attachments, living life according to the dharma than in a karmic way.

With intense faith and surrender, we should take time out daily and visualize that our soul is making us aware about the existence of the Self. This repetitive visualization takes us to actualization; that is to see the existence of our luminescent Self.

When we commune with truth, our soul starts receiving cosmic energy. Cosmic energy gets converted into Divine Grace within us and propels our soul to radiate divinity. This attracts peace, confidence, and hope, making it easier for us to live life.

When our desires are fulfilled it increases our pride and strengthens the ego. When the ego grows, desires increase. This is a vicious cycle that continues relentlessly if it is not broken.

The physical presence of enlightened beings is not available all the time. Create your own satsang by thinking of god every day, every hour, every minute and every second. This is the satsang that all of you must cultivate. Sadhana is the very sap of your existence.

People often think that having a long and serious face is spirituality. They believe that a Guru is stern and rarely laughs. But spirituality is eternal bliss. One who is established in bliss is always joyous and free.

Shri Shri Nimishananda Quotes on Awareness

What quality prevents life from becoming mechanical? What ingredient ignites zeal and keeps boredom at bay? Awareness. If we are constantly aware, life is always interesting
We enjoy everything for everything inspires us. Awareness is not alertness. Alertness requires effort and has an element of stress and tension. Awareness is alertness without tension. When we are in this relaxed state, zeal and interest are spontaneous.

From interest come memory and dedication. We should do nothing mechanically. Even stirring a spoon of sugar into a cup of tea should be done with complete awareness. Then there is always a deep sense of joy and connectivity with Divinity.
Awareness is a relaxed and expansive state that eliminates tension. If we are constantly aware, we give cravings no scope to take root. Even drinking a cup of tea can be done with complete awareness so that we savor every sip. Then the tea is enjoyed by the body, senses and mind. There is satisfaction and no craving.

When we fulfill a desire mechanically, the deeper levels of our being are not satisfied and we develop an obsessive craving for that object. Lack of awareness also generates indifference for others, while awareness creates complete connectivity with Divinity and all beings.

All material things lose their value after a while. Divinity never changes. God is ever the same. Divinity transcends time and space.

Awareness of Divinity takes us to the only state that is worthwhile — constant bliss that is independent of bodily existence.

Shri Nimishananda Thoughts on Life Without Anxiety and Fear

Seers have established that we are a part of the Supreme Spirit. This is our link with the Divine source. We need to form our life around the Supreme Spirit, who is Parama, also known as the soul or atman. Soul also means spandana or vibrations. We need to get firmly established in the Divine source.

We need to restructure our lives from being thinking-based to being vibrations-based. Just as an object vibrating at high speed does not allow even a single particle of dust to stick to it, intense vibrations of the soul blow away residual and negative thoughts, beliefs and disbeliefs.

How should we convert our lives from being thought-based to being vibrations-based? To move from thought-based to vibrations-based life, seek the company of the holy and the wise, attend satsangs, read and assimilate wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads and other world scriptures and learn more about the lives of the accomplished.
Practise meditation, mantra chanting or japa, and intense sadhana. Try to follow spiritual and divine traditions.

By doing so the mind, intellect, beliefs and disbeliefs, likes and dislikes, which have prevented vibrations of the soul to be felt and experienced, recede to the background and there is a spontaneous ignition of soul energy that is released. This energy release brings out waves of bliss, where we feel immense happiness, satisfaction, joy and contentment.

The transition brings a blissful life without worries. We experience a joyful, thoughtless state of being, full of peace and contentment. Life is without anxiety and fear. We calibrate our life and celebrate forever.