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Pancha Tara in Hinduism – The Last Five Birth Stars in Hindu Astrology

Pancha Tara in Hinduism is the last five birth stars. As per Hindu astrology, the last five nakshatras or birth stars are Dhanishta (Avittam), Satabhisha (Chathayam or Sadayam), Purvabhadrapada (Pooruruttathi), Uttara Bhadrapada (Uthrattathi) and Revati.

The widespread belief is that any action performed or activity happening during the period of the pancha tara has its five invariable repetitions.

It is believed by some communities that if death happens in family during Pancha Tara, then there will be five more deaths.

With the appearance of Dhanishta, the process of panchaka or malefic times is marked in Hindu calendars.

Some communities perform certain rituals to overcome the bad effects of Pancha Tara.

When death occurs during the five birth stars, before cremation four dolls are made and burnt with the dead body to avoid four more deaths in the family.

When a house is damage or destroyed, replicas of four houses are destroyed to avoid further damage in the village or locality.

When journey to south is made during pancha tara, the person undertaking journey carries four photographs or pictures of himself.

As per some old beliefs
  • Dhanishta is called Grama Panchaka – its influence affects the whole village.
  • Shathabhisha is Kula Panchaka – its influence is limited to the family.
  • Purvabhadrapada affects a locality or village.
  • Uttarabhadrapada influence is limited to the family.
  • Revati the adverse effect goes beyond village and locality.