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Where is God? – A Story in Hinduism - Shows Presence of God Through Milk - Butter Example

This is a famous story in Hinduism in which the answer to where is god and why I don't see him is answered. The example used is that of milk and butter.

Once there lived a virtuous and learned man who was summoned by a local king. The king was unable to find answers to his questions and he wanted the man to find answers. 

The questions –

Where is God?
Why don’t I see Him?

The king warned that if the questions were not answered correctly the man would be executed.

The man knew that it was impossible to answer these questions. So he was imprisoned.

Next day, the man’s son appeared and asked the king if he would release his father if he answered the questions. The king agreed.

The boy asked the king for a pot of milk.

He then asked the milk to be churned to butter. It was also done.

The boy then said that the two questions were now answered.

The king wanted to know how?

The boy asked the king: Where was the butter before it was churned?

The king replied: In the milk

The boy asked in which part of milk?

The king answered in all of it.

The boy said then that in the same way God is within all things and pervades all things.

The king then wanted to know why he does not see God?

Because you do not churn your mind and refine perceptions through meditation, the boy answered.