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Story of Sunda and Upasunda – Downfall Due to Infatuation of Apsara Tilottama

Sunda and Upasunda were two demon brothers. They were very powerful and ruled over the world. But sexual infatuation caused their downfall. Legend has it that Sunda and Upasunda got the boon that they will never be defeated by Devas, Demons or humans or animals as long as they fought together.

The prosperity of their clan and family depended on the unity among the two brothers.

Together they drove out Devas from heaven. They defeated Indra and ruled the three worlds. They made Amaravati, the capital of Devas, as their new home.

Devas realized that it was impossible to defeat Sunda and Upasunda through force. So they resorted to trickery.

Tilottama, one of the most beautiful Apsaras in heaven, was deputed for the job. She seduced the two brothers. The moment the brothers saw Tilottama, they lost their senses and wanted to make her their wife.

Tilottama agreed to become the wife of the strongest among Sunda and Upasunda.

Soon argument ensued among the two brothers as to who among them was the strongest.

Soon argument turned into fight. Both matched each in strength and ended up killing each other before Tilottama.

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