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Gold Shivling – Benefits Of Worshipping Golden Shivling

Shivling made of gold is worshipped in homes and in temples and sacred places. The merits of worshiping Golden Shivling are mentioned in the Shiva Purana. The popular belief is that by offering prayers to golden Shivling one will be blessed with wealth. It is also worshipped for attaining good harvest.

It is also believed that the worship of Shivling made from gold will help in prosperity through attaining hidden treasure. Another merit is that the house will be blessed with constant supply of food grains.

The Shivling for the purpose should be made using pure gold – 24 carat. Imitations and those made using mixing of several metals are considered inferior. Even gold plated shivling are not considered meritorious. 

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The material used to make Shivling does not matter. What matters is devotion and the urge to realize truth. Single minded focus on your work will lead you to success. Worship of Shivling helps in attaining single minded focus.