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Story – Why Ganesha Is A Bachelor? - Reason For Ganesha Remaining Unmarried

In majority of Hindu traditions, Hindu God Ganesh is considered to be a bachelor. There are some traditions that believe He is married to Siddhi and Riddhi. An interesting story explains why many Hindu traditions consider Ganesha as unmarried.

Once Ganesha reached Kailash and noticed a big scratch on the face of Goddess Parvati.

Ganesh wanted to know how Mother Goddess got hurt.

Goddess Parvati then said that Ganesha was responsible for the painful scratch.

Ganapati never did it so he was baffled.

Then Mother Goddess asked Ganesha whether he had hurt anyone on the day.

Ganesha could not remember any incident.

Then Mother Goddess asked what had happened in the morning when He was drinking milk.

Ganesha then told that a cat was disturbing Him while He was drinking the milk and so He took a stick and hit it on the face.

Mother Goddess then told Ganesha that she got that beating. She explained to Him that She is present in all living and nonliving and whenever any being is hurt, it She who gets hurt.

From that day Ganesha started seeing Goddess Parvati in all women and in all beings and therefore remained a bachelor.

This story was once narrated by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

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