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Why Do We Draw Rangoli? – The Story in Hindu Religion

The story which explains why do we draw Rangoli is explained the Hindu Puranas. Hindus draw Rangoli daily in front of their homes and some people draw it only during auspicious occasions.

The story is associated with the churning of the ocean by Devas and Asuras. Numerous items appeared during the churning of the ocean. When Goddess Lakshmi appeared from the churning, she requested Bhagvan Vishnu for a house to reside.

Vishnu suggested her to reside in a house that where the entrance is sprinkled with cow dung (entrance is pasted with cow dung) and decorated with Rangoli.

From that day onwards people began to draw Rangoli to invite Goddess Lakshmi into their homes.

Some Puranas also state that Alakshmi, or goddess of misfortune, appeared during the churning of ocean and she also demanded a house. Bhagvan Vishnu asked her to reside in those houses that are dirty and where they do not draw rangoli in front of the entrances.