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Adhiparasakthi – About Hindu Goddess Adi Parashakti

Adhiparasakthi means the primordial supreme power – She is the Mother Goddess who gives birth, nurtures, sustains and finally transforms all animate and inanimate in the universe. In nutshell, Adi Parasakthi is the energy that is manifest in everything. She is popularly referred as Goddess Shakti and she takes numerous forms to uphold dharma and protect Her devotees. She is mother, sister, wife and the fierce power that annihilates everything.

Adhiparasakthi form of mother goddess is worshipped mainly in South India.

Tuesday, Friday, Amavasya (no moon day) and Purnima (full moon day) are the important days dedicated to Adi Parasakthi.

In Adi Parasakthi worship, she is the supreme. All animate and inanimate are born and die in Her.

Note – There is a popular Guru in South India known as Adi Parashakti Adigal – Devotee of Adi Parashakti. He has created an Adi Parashakti temple at Melmaruvathur in Tamil Nadu and his disciples wear red color clothes. He follows the Siddha Tradition and leads a family life.

Feeding the poor, distribution of clothes and other items to the needy is a key feature of his organization.